Unhcr Refugee Laraman And Ibrahim Hero
Refugees collect water in Azraq camp in Jordan.
© UNHCR/Mohammad Hawari
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Climate change is driving Jordan’s water crisis

The Leading Women Fund supports Syrian refugee women who are struggling to provide essentials such as food, medicine and, increasingly, water.

Wardah Alabdallah holds her two-month-old daughter Muna in the family's shelter in Azraq refugee camp, Jordan.
© UNHCR/David Azia
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What Syrian refugees really need this winter

Near-freezing conditions in Jordan make life even more difficult for refugee families – which is why UNHCR’s winterisation payments are so vital.

Winter Assistance Helps Syrian Refugee Families In Zaatari Camp
© UNHCR/Yousef Alhariri
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Middle East, Afghanistan and Ukraine

“If I had not received the winter cash assistance, I would have been helpless”

As temperatures plunge in the Northern Hemisphere, UNHCR is stepping up support to help refugees.

Kenya_Drought Response
© UNHCR/Charity Nzomo
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Climate crisis in the spotlight

Urgent action needed to curb impact of climate change on world’s most vulnerable

Yusra Mardini 1
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The extraordinary story of Yusra Mardini hits our screens

The Swimmers debuts on Netflix next week

Syrian woman collects water in Jordan
© UNHCR/Mohammad Hawari
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What it’s like to be a Syrian refugee

After 10 years in Jordan, mother-of-two Nour is settled in her new community. But cost-of-living increases mean her economic situation remains precarious.

Angela Merkel, Former Chancellor of Germany
© Bundesregierung/Steffen Kugler
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Dr Angela Merkel honoured for ‘true leadership’ in protecting refugees

Dr Angela Merkel has received the UNHCR Refugee Nansen Award for her work protecting refugees at the height of the Syrian crisis.

 A Young girl stands in front of her tent while it snows in Beqaa valley.
UNHCR / Houssam Hariri
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Middle East, Afghanistan and Ukraine

Winter looms for displaced families

Winter will add to the suffering for refugees and displaced families in Europe, the Middle East and central Asia.

Pakistan. UNHCR provides emergency support in flood-stricken Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
© UNHCR/Usman Ghani
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UNHCR rushes aid by air and road after Pakistan floods

Triggered by heavy monsoon rains, catastrophic floods in Pakistan have washed away homes and affected millions of people.

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