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Christmas Product Image Supply Of Water
Most Needed
A year’s worth of clean water

Give a year’s worth of clean water to a refugee family

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Syrian refugee Mostafa embraces his daughter Rahaf
Reunite a family

Reunite a refugee family

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Provide a cash lifeline
Life-saving essentials pack

Help a refugee family stay safe and healthy

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Tile 1 (2)
Thermal blankets

Provide a family with thermal blankets to help them stay warm during the freezing winter

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Life-saving food | Give a gift to help a child in need
Life-saving food

Buy a child life-saving therapeutic food

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Small refugee child huddles under warm UNHCR blanket
Winter survival kit

You can make the nights warmer for a displaced family

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Ethiopia South Sudanese Refugee At Kule Refugee Camp In Gambella Region 1
Sports equipment for children

Give recreational sports equipment to children in a refugee camp

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Latrine for a family
Latrine for a family

Build a latrine for a family

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A refugee father holds his two young sons
A cash lifeline

Help a refugee father provide for his family

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Temporary Refugee housing unit
Temporary refugee housing unit

Give a refugee family of five a temporary housing unit to keep them safe

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Solar Lanterns Distributed In Devastated Coastal Region Tile
Solar lanterns

$88 is enough to provide 3 solar lanterns for a displaced refugee family

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Single Mother Prepares For Winter At Bardarash Refugee Camp Tile
Most Needed
Tent insulation kit

$200 can provide a tent insulation kit to a displaced family

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